Building Business Solutions

Our mission is to contribute to the economic growth of Vietnam, as well as to accompany our clients in their development process.

To achieve our goal of “Building Business Solutions”, we have developed our own Digital Marketing formula as a core value.


aims at becoming a trusted partner and building a long-term relationship with all of our clients.

Established as a wholly owned subsidiary of EVOLABLE ASIA, we are one of the biggest Japanese IT services company with an innovative Lab-model. Since our establishment in March 2012, we have now expanded to 500 employees after 3 years of inheriting and implementing our special formula for success. We take pride in our ability to solve problems from not just one but various fields. Recognizing the value of listening to our clients and knowing the importance of expressing ourselves, we promise to provide our partners with the best service through clear communication, from issue detecting to problem solving.


WEB Design and Creation

We offer a wide variety of web solutions for all types of businesses and organizations. From consulting to media planning, designing and operating homepages, such as restaurant landing page, WordPress CMS, EC websites, etc., we guarantee our clients not only a high quality, but also many affordable options for your businesses.

Video Design and Production

Not only do we produce videos on customers’ requests, recruitment videos for example, but we also propose to create short movies to be featured on their Websites and Facebook pages.
Listening to our clients and working towards achieving the objectives, we endeavor to deliver the best designs that effectively convey messages consistent with their purpose.

SNS Marketing

Vietnam is one of the countries in the world with a high number of social media users, especially on Facebook. For this reason, social media has become a very effective tool for your businesses to approach a large audience of customers. Meanwhile, to implement the PDCA cycle, which includes: planning; preparing high-quality content periodically; publishing articles and advertising posts; verifying the effectiveness of the strategy and adjusting it accordingly, requires a considerable amount of effort. EVOLABLE ASIA always strives to aid our clients in their planning process and promises to provide efficient social media marketing.

Network Construction Services

Despite having as many as 500 employees, EVOLABLE ASIA still manages to maintain a stable network that helps support business management. Considering all aspects of network system, we propose comprehensive solutions for network construction, including policy development, cabling infrastructure, Wireless LAN access point investigation, etc.
We are happy to bring our expertise and assist our clients, who are concerned about the current network situation and who wish to establish a local subsidiary in Vietnam.


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