BPO & QC Service



BPO is the abbreviated word for Business Process Outsourcing and it refers to outsourcing the company’s business process to other external company. The staff who are good commands of Japanese specializes in doing data input, image processing and testing system development such as software verification in EVOLABLE ASIA group. Not only short-term projects but also long-term projects are also available according to your needs.



Features of Our service



Data input

・Property information
・Questionnaire results
・Application documents
・Merchandise information
・Vehicle operation information
・Label setting
・Industrial information


Creation service

・Image processing
・Map creation
・Floor plan creation for real estate
・Data setting for machine learning
・Mail sending agent service
・Transfer the existing website
・Insert a product Information to E-commerce site


Test service

・Application of smartphone
・Internal system
・Test case creation
・Test data creation


・Hybrid type contract can make flexibly organization and also available in addition to Lab type and entrusted type
・There are many people who can speak Japanese.
・English also available
・Support by Japanese staff
・Reduce total operation cost
・Just 2 hour time difference between Japan and Vietnam


Case studies

No. Abstruct Job description Personnel Instructure
1 ISP service contract data input Registering customer information by using Remote Desktop to connect to PC in Japan N2:2 persons
2 Systematization of excel data Receiving Excel from a customer and reproducing the calculation contents in Excel with a dedicated system N2:4 persons
N3:1 person
3 Data input of real estate information View More Reading specified information from documents such as PDF, and register / create list in SalesForce N2:4 persons
N3:5 persons
4 Product image editing for E-commerce site 詳しく見る Outlining the product images for E-commerce site No Japanese:10 persons
5 Image editing of product storage Outlining the material images in the storage industry No Japanese:1 person
6 Data input of vehicle operation information Listing data in a dedicated system with vehicle operation information in Excel for each condition N2:1 person
N3:2 persons
7 Documentation for Real Estate Business Sales Creating the list of property used by real estate sales N2:2 persons
N3:2 persons
8 Mail sending agency service Sending regular emails for internal use N2:1 person
9 Data input of childcare facility information Registering and listing in Excel using a dedicated system by customer request N2:1 person
N3:1 person
10 Data conversion of handwritten time card Listing handwritten or timecard scan data in Excel N2:1 person
No Japanese:1 person
11 DTP service for travel brochures Editing photos and create brochure designs by using Illustrator and Photoshop N2:6 persons
12 Posting service associated with SEO・comment and image editing for site Simple click work / 1000 per person per day
Comments / editing images / 100 per person per day
Japanese:1 person
N2:1 person
13 Insert a product Information to E-commerce site・Inquiry correspondence(Japanese,English) Inserting the product information on EC site / average 25 cases per person N2:1 person
14 Existing image data transfer Copying image data and comments from the web page specified on the WordPress input screen N3:3 persons
N2:5 persons
15 Create real estate floor plan View More Creating floor plans by using dedicated software based on PDF and other documents N2:4 persons
16 Create the data for machine learning Coloring specific foods from images, specifying product image labels, tagging on keywords from Japanese comments, etc N2:1 person