SNS Marketing


Vietnam is one of the countries in the world with a high number of social media users, especially on Facebook. For this reason, social media has become a very effective tool for your businesses to approach a large audience of customers. Meanwhile, to implement the PDCA cycle, which includes: planning; preparing high-quality content periodically; publishing articles and advertising posts; verifying the effectiveness of the strategy and adjusting it accordingly, requires a considerable amount of effort. EVOLABLE ASIA always strives to aid our clients in their planning process and promises to provide efficient social media marketing.


Features of Our service



Marketing with Facebook

Social media is the most important digital marketing in Vietnam.
Many Vietnamese spend time on social media and we support you to reach to many targets efficiently.


Monthly activity report

We report the rech number once a month.By taking full advantage of being based in Vietnam, we will do our best to support clients by providing the know-how through past web promotion experiences.


Case studies with Facebook

・Japanese ramen Store like 129% up
・Japanese luxury sushi shop like 356% up
・Japanese casino store like 608% up
・Japanese BBQ restaurant like 8,900% up