WEB Design and Creation



We offer a wide variety of web solutions for all types of businesses and organizations. From consulting to media planning, designing and operating Website, such as restaurant landing page, WordPress CMS, EC websites, etc., we guarantee our clients not only a high quality, but also many affordable options for your businesses.



Features of Our service



Multilingual support

Our team is well experienced in building a multi-lingual site which is translated into Japanese, Vietnamese, English and Korean.
We can support business internationalization by our Web design that has no problems with those four languages.


Support for responsive design changes according to each device

We can create the Web sites which is very easy on the eyes and they are adjusted to any devices’ monitor size.


Build a CMS(WordPress)

You can update “news” and “galleries” using WordPress of CMS. Additionally, we will try to meet various requests, like adding the contact form and reservation system.



Build a E-commerce site

We can build an E-commerce site using WooCommerce and we can also support operations of E-commerce site which tends to be complicated.


LPO(Landing page optimization)

We will maximize clients’ profits by optimizing the searching results and landing pages.


Supports design & coding for low-cost and high-quality

Our staffs who are familiar with Japanese design produce the WEB design, LP, pamphlet, banner and poster in response to clients’ requests. If you have your original design, we can support you coding service for low-cost and high-quality as quick as possible.