Hi, everyone.

I’m Tsubasa and I’m going to work in SBC for 6 months from August as internship. I just arrived at Ho Chi Minh city three weeks ago for the first time. I’m getting used to the life in Ho Chi Minh, but when I just came here, I was really surprised at how much motorbike is running in the city and how often they beep when driving. Many Vietnamese people speak Japanese very well than I expected. My friends told me that Japanese is second most populous foreign language after English. I’m so glad that they are interested in our culture!

I would like to introduce the places I visited and the foods I had.

I saw many foreign visitors here. There were bookstores on each side of the street.

What is this name? Please tell me who you know.

I really love noodle, and there are many noodle restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City.

By the way, I was astonished that gecko was living in my room. She ran away so fast that I couldn’t catch, and after that I sometimes found her sticking to the ceiling and we are staring at each other.

When I studied abroad in Fiji four years ago, I got used to bags and flies when I go back to Japan even though they were really disgusting for me in the beginning. I would like to share my findings in Vietnam, and I hope it’s going to be awesome.